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Indus… This word conjures up wistful images of a bygone era, an ancient civilisation, which had flourished around the life giving waters of its namesake river in the cradle of India. Centuries have gone by, yet the spirit of this mighty and enigmatic culture has lived on. Indus Discoveries was conceived 16 years ago with a passion to showcase quintessential India, a pulsating behemoth, which defies time and where the ancient, medieval and modern are fused inseparably. A belief underlies our carefully crafted journeys: that one can never truly experience India without soaking in the sights, sounds, smells and smiles of everyday life.

Indus Discoveries is a receptive tour operator and full service DMC in India that provides authentic, tailor-made and highly personalised travel experiences for discerning travellers around the world. Based in Delhi, we create nonpareil Indian experiences spanning culture, heritage, earth sciences, cuisines, spirituality, religion, wildlife, textiles, nature and photography, painting, and art and architecture to name a few. Our tailor-made holidays and special interest tours are perceptively designed around clients’ wishes and requirements.

An average traveller tends to miss out on those elusive unique experiences, which can connect a soul to the heaving spirit of this land and her people. We travel the vast expanse of India to unearth these niche experiences for you. Embark on an Indus Discovery and allow us to leave an indelible thumbprint on your being. As the adage goes, you can leave India but India will never leave you.

Combined Expertise of 95 Years

We boast cumulative expertise of over 95 years in inbound tourism in India. Founder Yasin Zargar is a pioneer in Indian tourism, with more than 35 years in the industry.

Continuous Product Development

As air, road and rail connectivity improves in India, our R&D team regularly updates and adds interesting products and new properties to our portfolio.

India Specialists

India is our inspiration and our passion. Our singular focus on India elevates our attention to detail and enables us to provide the highest quality of services.


Our diligent vetting process ensures the careful selection of delightful, knowledgeable and trustworthy tour guides and chauffeurs who accompany our guests.

Team of Local Experts

Our team in India comprises discerning travel experts who specialise in their chosen regions. Armed with unparalleled local knowledge, they craft exceptional personalised experiences.


We assure competitive prices for our clients, achieved from long standing partnerships with our suppliers in India.

Inspiring Travel Themes

We are a destination management company in India with a difference. We have the ability to elevate an itinerary by interweaving unique and immersive experiences through community and cultural engagements. The sample holidays displayed on our website are merely illustrations, inspiration for you to tell us what you want. Your entire journey will be tailored by a dedicated travel expert as per your desires and requirements. We will take care of every intricate detail.
Allow us to create your Indian love story.


Culture, Heritage & History

Unveil the iconic heritage sites and throbbing culture of India’s regions
View Sample Holidays

Soul Journeys by Indus Discoveries

Journeys of Soul

Spritual and Religious Tours in India
View Sample Holidays


Culinary Experiences

Savour the spices, flavours and aromas of India’s passionate cuisines
View Sample Holidays

wildlife tours in India

Wildlife Safaris

Traverse the indomitable jungles of India for chance encounters!
View Sample Holidays

rail journeys india

Holidays by Rail

Our rail journeys span from luxurious indulgence to off beat experiences.
View Sample Holidays

Alumni Travel in India by Indus Discoveries

Alumni Travel

We offer alumni of esteemed Universities bespoke and unique travel experiences.
Read More

river cruise brahmaputra

River Cruises

Float to the sights and sounds of India’s majestic rivers
View Sample Holidays

special interest field trips in India by Indus Discoveries

Special Interest Tours

Thematic tours on earth sciences, history, textiles, painting, museums and art
View Sample Holidays

What Our Clients Are Saying

Indus Insights


As a leading Destination Management Company in India, we have built excellent relationships with leading hospitality and tourism brands in the country. We benefit from our partners by way of add-ons, special offers, free room upgrades and regular product updates, which we share with our clients and business partners to help their valued customers.





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